Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to sign-up?

A taxpayer, trader, tax-agent and broker should first sign-up on e-Services to avail of the easy online submission and tracking of tax returns and import declarations.

Are there restrictions in the sign-up process?

Yes. A user who is signing up MUST have a valid email address for notification purposes.
TIN must be provided and can only be registered once.

What are the consequences if I don't sign-up online?

You wont be able to use the e-Services features such as: do multiple applications, check the status of submitted application forms, etc.

What is a registration token and how can I get one?

A registration token is a security token issued by Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) for each taxpayer who wishes to sign-up on e-Services. One must present proper identification documents to GRA before they can get their token.

When do I receive an email notification?

You will receive an email notification during these instances:
After completing the sign-up process
After choosing the “change password” link to change your password
After successfully changing your password
After clicking the “Submit” button on the “Forgot Password?” page
Once your application has been tagged as “Received”
Once your application has been tagged as “Approved”
Once your application has been tagged as “Completed”

Does the registration token expires?

Yes. The registration token expires if not used after 5 days from the day it was generated. Once expired, the taxpayer needs to go back to GRA to get a new one.

What if I lost my registration token?

If for any reason a taxpayer lost his registration token, he should contact GRA and asked them to regenerate another token for him or send him his old registration token via email.

Is registering online free?


What does the different user type means?

During sign-up process, GRA determines the appropriate user type for each taxpayer. They will choose from the following options:

a) Trader – a person who is in the business of buying and selling.
b) Taxpayer – a person who pays taxes or is subject to taxation.
c) Tax Agent – an accountant who specializes in taxation and in the preparation of
company and individual accounts
d) Broker – a person or a firm that clears goods or merchandise through Customs for a consignee or shipper

Once set-up by GRA, taxpayers cannot change this user type during the rest of the sign-up process.

Why can't I print my application form?

This could be due to an unistalled or turned off printer, check printer settings. if multiple printers are installed make sure printer being selected
is online.

Can I change my password anytime? If yes, how?

Yes. Go to “My Profile” link on the “Dashboard” page and click the “change password” link found below the “logout” tab. Key in your Old password,
then provide the system with your new password. Confirm by typing your new password again, then click on the “Update” button.

Can I update multiple applications and submit them at a later date?

Yes. All filled-out application forms will be automatically saved for future updates or submission. Please refer to the HELP topic
“How do i save my unsubmitted application forms?”

I cannot log-in to my account. I keep on getting this message: Login attempt has been reached.

It means that your account has been locked-out of the website due to numerous failed log-in attempts. Only 4 attempts are allowed before a user will be locked-out of the system. Once locked-out, he will need to wait for 15 minutes before he can use his account.

The system is prompting, Couldn't log you in as (username).

This means that the user’s login name OR password is incorrect.
Refer to the following default information:
Login: What has been provided during the sign-up process
Password: What has been provided during the sign-up process
If the user is uncertain of the password, click on “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the log-in fields.
If the user is uncertain of the login name, click on “Forgot Login” at the bottom of the log-in fields.

After successfully logging in, I still can't change my password. I'm getting a prompt that says, "User email must look like an email"

This means you need to update your profile first and change your email address.
On the left side of the same page, click on “My Profile” under Member Options. Update the email address field and all the other fields that needs to be updated.

User was not able to receive any email notification.

This could mean that the email address which the user is trying to access the e-Services email from is not the same email address that has been provided during the sign-up process. He can check the correct email address on his My Profile page.

Where do I find the Barcode?

A unique barcode will automatically be attached to the online application form that a user has successfully submitted.
This will appear at the top of the application form page.

During the registration process, I am asked to choose a security question and security answer, when will I use this information?

This security question and answer is very important and should be remembered by all users. Each time the user submits an application, he will have to answer his security question. If his answer is incorrect, his application would not be submitted.

During the application process, I keep getting a prompt that says, Telephone number is required.

This means that your profile has to be updated with a telephone number. Go back to the Dashboard page
On the left side of the page, click on “My Profile” under “Member Options”.Click on the “Update My Profile” link that can be seen above the page.
Update the telephone number field and all the other fields that needs to be updated. Click on Submit, After a successful submission, the user can go back to filling out the application form.