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Guyana Revenue Authority


Terms and conditions

When you access and use this website, you are considered to have agreed to the conditions outlined below.

We reserve the right to amend these conditions at any time and for any reason. Your continued use of the website following any amendments constitutes your agreement to the conditions.

On this page

Unless otherwise specified, the design and content of this website is protected by copyright. You therefore cannot use, copy, reproduce or distribute any material available on this website without our permission.

Copyright of third parties

This website may provide links to other third party websites. Material on these websites are protected by the copyright of the third party.

The DataTorque logo, trademarks, design and content of this website cannot be reproduced without DataTorque's permission.

Governing law

This website is governed by [Client Country Name] law. You are responsible for making sure you are compliant with all laws in the place where you are located when accessing this site.

You should also refer to our privacy policy.

Communicating electronically with us

As a registered taxpayer you might have to provide information to us. Information can be supplied through:

  • Our online enquiry form;
  • Your online personal account;
  • Your tax representative acting on your behalf.

Your contact details may be used to send you reminders about your tax liabilities and communicate with you about our products and services.

Our services

This section applies to services and forms provided on this website:

Online forms

When you complete an online form, all mandatory details must be completed and you will need to confirm that the information provided is true and correct.

By submitting information, you are considered to have agreed to our privacy policy. We will update your records with any information you provide.

Online user account

When you register for an online user account, this will give you access to log in to this site. Access to a taxpayer account is granted once you have proven that you are authorised to access that taxpayer account. Registering for an online user account on this site does not automatically grant you access to any taxpayer accounts.

Once registered for an online user account, you agree that electronic communications can be sent to you directly through this site. You must keep your contact details up to date. We are not responsible if notifications are not delivered to you because you have not told us that your contact details have changed.

Each individual maintains their own user account. However, more than one person may have access to a taxpayer account – for example, a company may have multiple directors who can each see the taxpayer's account through their online account.

As a registered account owner you have the following responsibilities:

  • You must keep your password secure, and not share it with anyone else. If you think someone knows your password, you must change it immediately.
  • You must keep your own device secure, ensuring it is free of viruses, malware and other forms of corruption. We are not responsible for any viruses, malware or any other malicious material that may be on your device.

Authorised representatives

You may authorise a representative to act on your behalf. For example, you might want to allow your tax agent to file returns on your behalf. Your representatives will have the same responsibilities as a registered RMS Online account owner, as outlined in the section above.


You are allowed to access this website only via standard internet browsers. You are not allowed to employ any malicious component (i.e. malwares and similar features) that could damage this website and our systems. You have also no right to interfere with this website and our systems.

You will not hold Guyana Revenue Authority accountable or responsible for any damage or loss to your device and network that may arise in relation to the use of this website and the internet when providing and receiving information.


The following disclaimers regulate this website, forms and services:

  • The Guyana Revenue Authority website aims to provide general information to the public. Information should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority is not liable for the correctness or completeness of the information available on this website, nor for any damage that may arise from any information or use of information presented on this website.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this website at any time and without notice.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority is not liable for the information presented on websites linked to from this website.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority does not support any entity that establishes off-site links to this website.
  • Users of this website assume full responsibility for risks that may arise in relation to the use of this website and the internet when providing and receiving information. We cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised access, interception, damage or loss to your device and network which may arise when you use this website.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority has processes in place to prevent malicious components being introduced to this website. However, we cannot assure that this website and its content are free of malicious code. Guyana Revenue Authority is not responsible for any form of interference (as viruses, malwares, etc.) that may damage your device or make you vulnerable to fraudulent practices when you access or use this website.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority does not promise that any errors or defects on our website will be rectified.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority does not guarantee continuous and issue-free access to this website and any linked websites. We are also not liable for any delays, interruptions or communication line issues.
  • Any information users transmit when accessing our website and services becomes property of Guyana Revenue Authority and may be used in our exchanges with you.
  • Guyana Revenue Authority does not endorse or favour any specific product or service referred to by trade name on this website.

Suspension of access

If it is deemed that any of these conditions have been breached, we reserve the right to temporarily or indefinitely suspend your access to your online user account.